The Trio

The Grand Central Trio mainly perform as a trio, hence the name! Comprising of saxophone bass and drums, the trio can cater for the widest range of events. This is due to the fact they can play softly for background events, or really swing for dancing occasions. The Trio often does this across one event, starting the evening with some soft jazz during dinner, and then moving into a more up-tempo set for dancing and mingling afterwards. Let the band know your requirements when making an enquiry so they can tailor their set to your preference.

Live Band

The Duo

The Duo is for more intimate events, and is a great background option for those holding parties that require little dancing. Ian switches seamlessly from bass to guitar, he is in fact a first study guitarist, so he is as at home on guitar as he is bass!

The Quartet

For an occasion that calls for more presence, our fantastic vocalist is on hand to step in at a moment’s notice. Tom shows his versatility as a musician here by switching to piano, giving our vocalist space to do her thing. Allow a little more space and get ready to dance with this swinging quartet arrangement, a big fun sound that will leave a night to remember.