Gigging at the House of Commons – Jazz Gig in London
Gigging at the House of Commons – Jazz Gig in London

With politics blazing a trail through everyone’s lives over the past couple of years due to Brexit, it’s been hard for most people to not get wrapped up in the going on’s of the House of Commons.

Jazz Gig in the House of Commons - The Tom Belbin Trio, London Jazz Band

Whatever most people’s views are of current day politics, there is no denying that The House of Commons is a fantastic sight to behold, and has helped shape many great historic events. So, when we got the email from an agency we work closely with that they would like to book us for an event we were very excited to say the least!

The Churchill Room Floor Plan

We were booked to play in the Churchill room for an American Telecommunications software company called Netcracker. Their plan was to start with a tour of the house of commons, before coming into the ballroom that over looked the River Thames for dinner whilst we played some background jazz to accompany. 

Unfortunately, no cars can drive up to The Houses of Parliament. Not ideal when you have a P.A, drum kit and instruments to unload! We decided our best bet was to get a cab from a local car park to the taxi rank that is a 3-minute walk away from where we needed to be. 

Next, we had to have our items scanned through the security scanners. This was small at only 60 cm by 40 cm, and wouldn’t take Robs kick drum. By using a floor tom as a kick drum (a trick often used by drummers who want a small kit for intimate venues) we managed to get all our things through, and after quite a few trips back and forth from the taxi rank, we were in!

Above: A short video clip of us loading into the corridor outside the Churchill Room. Right: A photo of the band in the Churchill Room 
Jazz Performance - 10 best London Jazz Clubs

We joined Netcracker for the tour of the House of Commons, and got to stand right in where everything happens. We got told some interesting stuff, including anyone who wants to take photographs inside the House of Commons needs written permission from the Speaker, which is why we unfortunately couldn’t take any photos. We also found out that the glass is fitted in-front of the viewing gallery because someone threw purple powder over Tony Blair!

After the tour ended we got playing, and performed some of our favourite jazz standards, including one we haven’t played before, a song called ‘My Little Suede Shoes’ by Charlie Parker. A gorgeous Latin influenced jazz standard that is very reminiscent of Sonny Rollins’ ‘St Thomas’. 

Above: Charlie Parkers ‘My Suede Shoes. Right: Tom and Rob after the gig.

It was a late night back, and we were up early for a gig the next day on The Isle of Wight. That said the opportunity to perform in such an amazing venue was such a great experience we didn’t mind too much!

We would just like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past couple of years. We really do love what we do and gigs like this help us realise that all our hard work is paying off, and that we are very lucky to do the thing we love. If you could continue your support by following us on social media and sharing with your friends it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks to Netcracker for having us at your event. If you are interested in checking out what they do please click the link to their website below. 

If you are interested in seeing the house of commons for yourself then you can attend a guided tour. Click the link below to find out more. 


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